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Application of Vacuum Blasting

abrasive blasting techniques, are vital in ensuring the durability and lifetime of structures, machinery, and other equipment in the oil and gas industry. But what are the keys to achieving optimal results in this important process? In this article, we will unlock the secrets of effective vacuum blasting method in industrial applications, shedding light on the techniques and methodologies that can revolutionize the way you approach this integral aspect of maintenance and protection.

From surface preparation to the selection of coatings and application methods; every step plays a crucial significant role in ensuring a successful outcome. We will delve into the importance of proper surface preparation, explore the various blasting techniques available, and discuss the benefits of different paint systems for different types of industrial applications.

Whether you are involved in the oil and gas industry, shipbuilding, construction, or any other field that requires industrial blasting techniques, this article will equip you with the knowledge and insights to make informed decisions and achieve exceptional results.

  1. Vacuum Blasting Method Overview:

    Vacuum Blasting Method

    • Vacuum blasting involves a specialized blast tool that performs abrasive blasting while simultaneously collecting both used blast media and loosened particles from the surface being treated.
    • Unlike traditional abrasive blasting, where dust and debris scatter freely, vacuum blasting guarantees a controlled and contained process.

  2. Procedure:

    • The vacuum blast tool consists of two hoses:
      • Blast Hose: Supplies pressurized air mixed with blast media (such as sand or grit) to perform the abrasive cleaning.
      • Suction Hose: Collects dust, loosened particles, and used blast media.
    • These hoses connect to a control unit.
    • The control unit performs the following functions:
      • Separates dust and loosened particles from the used blast media.
      • Sends the cleaned blast media back into the pressurized air flow.
      • Collects the dust and loosened particles in a waste container.
      • The entire process occurs in a closed loop, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring worker safety.

High-quality blasting and painting services are offered to clients in the oil and gas industry by Leopad Group, a key contractor of numerous oil engineering projects.

Applications of Vacuum Blasting in Oil and Gas

    • Ship Decks: Vacuum blasting prepares ship decks for coating applications.
    • Oil and Gas Platforms: It is used on platforms to clean and profile steel structures before applying new or refurbished coatings.
    • Farm Tanks: Vacuum blasting ensures optimal coating adherence to farm tanks.
    • Fabrication Yards: Steel structures in fabrication yards benefit from this dust-free process.
    • Safety Considerations: Vacuum blasting is preferred in areas where dust and spillage from regular abrasive blasting pose health, safety, and environmental risks.


Leopad Group, is a leading corrosion protection specialist in the oil and gas industries. With their extensive services in onshore and offshore blasting technologies, including high-performance spray pumps, advanced vacuum recovery machines, effective vacuum blast machines, and blasting pots, they are not only adopting these new ideas but also advancing them. They are unique because they integrate the newest blasting technology with eco-friendly practices. This makes them a key player in moving the industrial services sector towards a more efficient and sustainable future.


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Application of Vacuum Blasting

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