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What is the importance of Fire Proofing

At Leopad, your safety is our number one priority. We specialise in Fire Protection of Steel Structures and provide modern fireporrfing services. Our goal is to protect your infrastructure from the devastation caused by fire. With our wide range of experience across multiple industries, We guarantee that your facilities are safeguarded and protected with the utmost fire safety precautions. 

The Importance of Fireproofing for Your Company

Aside from being a legal requirement, fireproofing is an investment in the security and longevity of your company's operations. The destructive effects of fire on physical assets, company continuity, and safety are well-known to us at Leopad. By defending your buildings from heat waves and flames, our fireproofing services aim to relieve owners’ concerns.

Methods for Thorough Fire Protection


  • Passive Fire Protection: Using methods and materials that partition and limit the spread of fire is an essential safety strategy. We assist in making sure that in case of a fire, the damage may be controlled and managed by incorporating Passive Fire Protection into your building's architecture. This makes it easier for firefighters to reach the scene and allows for safe evacuation.
  • Intumescent Fire Coating: Our company offers intumescent fire coating as a specialized service. The expansion of this technologically advanced solution at high temperatures maintains the structural integrity of steel structures by acting as a barrier.. This application is not only practical, but also attractively adaptive, so it does not detract from the building's architecture.
  • Cementitious or Vermiculite Fire Protection: If you're looking for an extra layer of protection against fire, consider our Cementitious or Vermiculite Fire Protection systems. By applying these compounds in a spray, a thick protective layer is formed, shielding structural elements such as steel from the damaging effects of extreme heat. This method meets international safety requirements for fire resistance and is extremely durable.

Individualized Approaches for Extensive Markets

Leopad serves a diverse range of industries, each with its own set of fire safety regulations, and requirements:


  • Commercial and Residential Buildings:  Placing many layers of fireproofing to safeguard  people and property.
  • Industrial Facilities: Advanced fire protection designed to endure hazardous conditions.
  • Public Infrastructure: Stringent fire safety regulations for the benefit of the public.

We Are Devoted to Innovation and Ensuring Safety

Our fireproofing solutions at Leopad are driven by innovation. To make sure our services are second to none, we are always looking for new ways to improve fire protection system. To meet your unique fireproofing requirements, our team of professionals will carefully evaluate potential dangers and advice on the best course of action.

Rely on Leopad as Your Fireproofing Partner

When you choose Leopad, you're getting fire protection that is dependable, skilled, and of consistently high quality. Leopad is the place to go for if you want to know how we can protect your company against fire hazards with latest solutions.

Contact Us Today for a Safer Tomorrow

Are you prepared to improve your fire prevention strategies? For any of your fireproofing requirements, get in touch with Leopad. For thorough assessments and tailored recommendations, our specialists are at your service. Stop putting off protecting your company's future from fire hazards; do it now.

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